7 delicious homemade meals guaranteed to please

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Jamie Oliver has joined forces with Tesco to bring you a series of healthier, more affordable meals that make cooking from scratch just that little bit easier. Take a look at the easy-to-follow video recipes below, and tuck into delicious homemade meals guaranteed to please.

Supercharged Corn On The Cob

Jamie Oliver says, “Fresh corn is fantastic on its own, but if you struggle to get veg into your diet, adding a topping is a great way to eat more of it.”

Harissa roast chicken fajitas

Jamie Oliver says, “Harissa is a really delicious, fairly mild North African chilli paste that does amazing things to chicken. It’s so much fun to serve this fajita-style, and so easy too! You’re going to love it.”

Sweet Potato & Pepper Tikka Masala

Jamie says: Tikka masala is a big-hitter and this meat-free version is packed with gnarly chunks of roasted sweet potato and peppers, plus comforting butter beans for extra creaminess. Take it to the next level with a ripple of lemon and garlic yogurt and you have yourself a brilliant family meal.

Cannellini Bean and Pasta Soup

Jamie Oliver says, “A steaming bowl of soup is a wondrous thing, and my take on an Italian classic – ‘pasta e fagioli’, which translates as ‘pasta and beans’ – is the perfect winter warmer. I’ve used kale for a whack of green goodness, while sundried tomatoes give a punch of flavour.”

Courgette and Pea Pasta

Jamie Oliver says, “Tearing up lasagne sheets gives you super silky pasta, which is delicious with courgettes and peas. I’m holding back a little cooking water to emulsify with the cheese and create a beautiful creamy sauce. You should definitely try this at home!”

Warm Sprout and Spinach Salad

Jamie Oliver says, “There’s a lot of love for interesting salads these days, which makes me very happy. This recipe makes the most of those misunderstood seasonal brassicas – Brussels sprouts – by shredding them, then lightly frying with a little bacon, before tossing with oranges, hazelnuts and crunchy wholemeal croutons. It’s a world away from the boiled cabbage treatment your nan used to give ’em, and ensures they stay nutty and delicious. What’s not to love?

Smokin’ Chilli ‘Non’ Carne Soup

Jamie Oliver says, “Chilli is always a crowd-pleaser so, with Bonfire Night coming up, I’ve stripped things back to create this quicker, yet phenomenal meat-free version. It ticks all the flavour boxes of a classic veggie chilli, but in a warming soup! Blitz and serve in a mug while you watch the fireworks, or embrace it in all its chunky glory and load it up with your favourite toppings. Insanely good!”

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