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Fall Weeknight Pasta Recipe Video

Fall Weeknight Pasta

Food52’s – Fall Weeknight Pasta recipe. The ultimate ode to fall (as well to its briskness and efficiency), this easy, chewy orecchiette pasta dish starts with a sheet pan of our favorite things to eat:read on

Instant Pot Tomato & Meat Ragu recipe video

Instant Pot Tomato & Meat Ragu

Food52’s – Instant Pot Tomato & Meat Ragu recipe. What would happen if Marcella Hazan had an Instant Pot? This is my attempt at an answer. I’ve adapted her recipe for Bolognese Meat Sauce fromread on

Tony Kim's “Cacio” e Pepe recipe video

Tony Kim’s “Cacio” e Pepe

Food52’s – Tony Kim’s “Cacio” e Pepe recipe. Traditional cacio e pepe relies on practice and patience, and vigorous tossing—a technique well worth mastering, but maybe not tonight—to make a smoothread on