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Butter Chicken and Rice Recipe Video

Butter Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot’s – Butter Chicken and Rice recipe. Learn how to cook Butter Chicken and Rice in your Instant Pot. Just Press Play to Get Cooking! We’ve taken all of the hard work out of finding the rightread on

Crockpot Chana Masala Recipe Video

Crockpot Chana Masala

Goop’s – Crockpot Chana Masala recipe. This vegetarian chickpea stew makes a great family dinner—it’s cheap and easy to make, plus, it’s packed with protein, fiber, and iron (if you add the spinach). Justread on

Roasted Kabocha Squash Soup Recipe Video

Roasted Kabocha Soup

Goop’s – Roasted Kabocha Soup recipe. This warming winter soup has a good kick of ginger, which helps stimulate digestion. Use the second half of the kabocha in our braised lentil salad. Just Press Play toread on