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Classic Chicken Soup recipe video

Classic Chicken Soup

EatingWell’s – Classic Chicken Soup recipe. Classic chicken noodle soup gets a healthy upgrade with low-sodium chicken broth, whole-wheat egg noodles and tons of vegetables. To get a homemade stock flavor usingread on

Crunchy Popcorn Cauliflower Recipe Video

Crunchy Popcorn Cauliflower

EatingWell’s – Crunchy Popcorn Cauliflower recipe. A cunchy, savory pretzel-pecan coating turns roasted, caramelized cauliflower into an irresistible appetizer or kids’ snack that mimics flavored popcornread on

Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe video

Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

EatingWell’s – Slow-Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip recipe. This healthy copycat recipe for classic Buffalo dip cooks in your slow cooker for an easy, hands-off appetizer you can keep warm for the whole game, party orread on

No-Bake Macaroni & Cheese Recipe Video

No-Bake Macaroni & Cheese

EatingWell’s – No-Bake Macaroni & Cheese recipe. Not only is this ultra-creamy version of mac-and-cheese nearly as fast as the boxed variety, but your family will be able to pronounce every ingredient. Ifread on