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Chicken Fingers

Food52’s – Chicken Fingers recipe. Merrill Stubbs teaches us how to make every kid’s dream come true — in the form of crispy, homemade chicken fingers. But don’t fret, we know thisread on

Garlickiest Garlic Bread Recipe Video

Garlickiest Garlic Bread

Food52’s – Garlickiest Garlic Bread recipe. You can use any shape bread, but just estimate a similar surface area to the loaf indicated below. I like a thin, crackly-crusted, airy-crumbed, Italian-style loafread on

Spicy Shrimp

Food52’s – Spicy Shrimp recipe. This spicy shrimp recipe combines hot sauce with a few everyday ingredients to create a sublime marinade for shrimp. About Food52! As a one-stop shop for joyful living, Food52read on