12 Delicious Whole30 Dinner Recipes Recipe Videos

12 Delicious Whole30 Dinner Recipes

Planning on batch-cooking a week of Whole30 meals? We have a dozen deliciously healthy dinner ideas that are all Whole30-compliant, including many that are perfect for next day’s lunch and some that come together in no time at all for an easy weeknight dinner. So break out your Instant Pot, skillet, slow cooker or sheet tray and get ready to get Whole 30 inspired! The best part? Everything you need to make these dishes, including products from brands like Primal Kitchen, The New Primal, Justin’s, Red Boat, Yai’s Thai and Tessemae’s, are all available at Thrive Market- order online and it ships right to your door.

BBQ Mustard Pulled Pork Recipe
Plug in your Instant Pot, because this pulled pork will be ready in half the time it usually takes to cook in the oven. That’s right, after you brown the pork and sauté the veggies, close the lid, set it, and forget it. Two hours later, the meat will be falling apart and bathed in a tangy mustard sauce—perfect for sliders, tacos, or rice.

Whole30 White Chicken Chili With Sweet Potatoes
Feeling the chill? Warm up with a big pot of chili that’s Whole30-approved! It’s extra luscious thanks to coconut cream, a thicker version of coconut milk. Just stir the cream thoroughly before measuring, and watch your stew turn silky smooth. If you have any leftovers, freeze them for a fast dinner later in the month.

Pad Thai Salad
Skip the rice noodles and bring your favorite pad thai flavors to this fresh, veggie-filled salad. A cashew butter-based dressing whisked with tamari, rice wine vinegar, and garlic powder gets tossed with a vibrant medley of zucchini, arugula, carrots, and more. Make it on Sunday and pack it for midweek lunches, or enjoy it during a weekend picnic with friends.

Take your tastebuds to Morocco! This classic North African staple simmers cracked eggs in a deeply flavored tomato sauce. Mina does the work for you and spices up its jar with roasted peppers, onions, garlic, olive oil, cilantro, parsley, and a secret blend of six exotic spices. Make this three-ingredient meal for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Grilled Shrimp Louie Salad
Although the Shrimp Louie salad has murky origins—it’s believed to have been invented in San Francisco in the early 1900s—it’s clear this classic dish has staying power. For our version, we give shrimp the smoky treatment with paprika, pepper, salt, and a coating of Sir Kensington’s Special Sauce. Artfully arranged on a bed of greens alongside hard-boiled eggs, creamy avocado, juicy tomatoes, and more, it’s a filling meal any day of the week.

Ginger Lime Lettuce Cups
Time for Thai! These Whole30 lettuce cups infuse a pork filling with traditional flavors like ginger, lime, fish sauce, and jalapeño, and keep your meal light with crunchy greens that stand in for taco shells. Be sure to prep in advance—the meat tastes best after it’s been marinating for at least four hours.

Ginger Cod in Lemongrass Coconut Broth
Don’t let this elegant fish recipe fool you—it packs a punch thanks to crushed red pepper flakes and jalapeño. Wild-caught cod is poached delicately in a coconut milk sauce that’s infused with Thai flavors like lemongrass, lime, and ginger for a simple supper that’ll transport your taste buds to Southeast Asia. Not to mention, you can add it to your Whole30 meal plan.

Instant Pot Chicken Adobo
Need a “set it and forget it” keto or Whole30 recipe? This one might be the easiest ever. Not only is the ingredients list short, the dish takes almost no effort. Simply add chicken to the Instant Pot, cover it in aromatic sauces and spices, then let the pressure cooker do its thing. Cook up some rice, cauliflower rice, or another favorite starch to serve alongside, and get ready to dig in.

Whole30 Compliant Meatloaf
Here’s a New Year’s resolution we can all get behind—modernize a classic meatloaf recipe. We’ve done the work for you in this Whole30-approved recipe that mixes ground beef with a medley of mushrooms, onion, fresh parsley, and spicy chili flakes. Serve a slice alongside mashed cauliflower for the ultimate Whole30 comfort food.

Lamb Burgers With Pistachio Pesto
Primal Kitchen’s mayos and oils are tried and true favorites at Thrive Market, which is why we’re excited about the release of PK founder Mark Sisson’s new collection of Paleo recipes, The Primal Kitchen Cookbook! It’s filled with everything from simple sauces and smoothies to crave-worthy meals like loaded potato wedges, honey mustard salmon, and these flavorful lamb burgers with a vibrant pesto.

Mushroom and Asparagus Caulisotto
On nights when you’re dining in, stir up this “caulisotto” (aka the cooking alchemy that happens when cauliflower meets risotto). Dr. Myers says “unlike traditional risotto, you don’t have to stand and stir it for 30 minutes, and it has the added bonus of being grain-free!” There are lots of ways to suit your tastes, like adding carrots, spinach, celery, or even bits of nitrate-free bacon. It’s great as a main course, or a side dish served alongside roasted chicken or pork.

Sheet Pan Shrimp With Sesame Broccoli
Whole30 Founder Melissa Hartwig just published a brand new cookbook and it’s filled with crave-worthy recipes. This sheet pan meal makes dinner a breeze—just toss shrimp and broccoli with a few pantry staples like sesame oil and red pepper flakes for big flavor.

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